Reclaiming Full Control Over The Your Secured Account

What You Should Know

Since you as a customer of have ultimate control over your account you can leave/migrate or opt-out of using our service at any time without requiring our consent, agreement or approval.

This can be done because you have sole control over the owner key of your account. With that key, you can reclaim full control over your account easily by disabling second factor authentication.


Both can be defined in the Permissions tab of your account using so called authorities (see below) together with a so called threshold that has to be exceeded in order for a transaction to be valid.


Let’s briefly show how to import your owner key to reclaim full control over your account and disable second factor authentication.

Import Your BrainKey

You need to use your brainkey to create a new wallet from it as a seed. To do so, you enter the wallet management console, and click new wallet.

There, you will see the advanced option to provide a custom brain key:

Provide the brain key from your notes

and create the new wallet.

Disable Second Factor Authentication

The web wallet will automatically identify and install your secured account (in our case johndoe-secured). As the brainkey also installs the owner key for the secured account, we can modify the account’s permissions:

To disable second factor authentication, enter the 2FA tab and flip the corresponding switch:

Don’t forget to also publish changes to let the blockchain know about your new account permissions!

After confirmation by the blockchain, Peermit’s approval is no longer required to spend from the secured account!