Welcome to Peermit

Peermit.com offers the first of its kind second factor authentication (2FA) software solutions for Graphene™ based blockchains (such as BitShares, Steem, PeerPlays, and others) to secure accounts and funds on the blockchain.

What we do

We provide and customize a software solution for exchange, merchants and institutional partners to implement and improved account security. Read about use-cases.

We use Python to build enterprise-grade software that is scalable, secure and truly reliable. Python is one of the most easily readable high level programming languages which means that it can be easily read and understood by our clients.

Our customers are service providers that want to improve the security of their customers and offer an advantage over their competitors. We provide them with the software to do so and assist them integrations and improvements.

Why Peermit


Tell us your story, and we can customize a solution just for you!